Innovative, results-oriented CTO with experience designing, developing and implementing significant software systems. Over 20 years of experience in software architecture and development solving business needs and creating value. Effective interpersonal and communication skills, with a strong understanding of how technology can support business objectives. Deep knowledge of software development, algorithms and best practices. Technical leadership skills, with the ability to motivate development teams. Key areas of expertise include:
  • System Architecture
  • Cloud/SaaS Delivery
  • Providing Software Vision
  • Effective User Interfaces
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Solving Hard Problems
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Redwood City CAJanuary 2012 – present
Senior Architect
  • New product design and development.
  • Data modeling, processing and machine learning infrastructure.
  • Platform as a service architecture, interfaces and tools.
AUTONOMY CORP (HP), Palo Alto CASeptember 2011 – January 2012
  • Initial product design, prototyping and development leadership.
  • Contining to develop and enlarge the marketing optimization product (née Yield).
  • Thought leadership and architecture of cross-product integration.
YIELD SOFTWARE, San Mateo CAOctober 2006 – September 2011
CTO and Founder
  • Managed development of product from specification to deployment.
  • Built initial prototype and led design and implementation of production product.
  • Company was acquired by Autonomy in September 2011.
SIEBEL SYSTEMS, San Mateo CAApril 1995 – February 2006
Senior Architect
  • Designed and built enterprise customer relationship management applications.
  • Architected critical features that allowed company to close large deals early.
  • Oversaw several major server components and extensive application user interfaces.
  • Siebel went public in 1996 and generated over $2B in annual license revenue.
SYBASE/GAIN TECHNOLOGY, Palo Alto CAApril 1990 – March 1995
  • Served as System Architect and major implementer for the flagship product, GainMomentum.
  • Designed and built powerful system functionality that successfully addressed business problems.
  • Company was acquired by Sybase in 1992.
Methodologies: small teams/scrum, large teams/traditional, individual
Languages: Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Lisp
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, BSD UNIX
Databases: SQL, key/value, columnar
Enviroments: cloud/SaaS, hosted systems, packaged software