John Coker photos

If you're wondering whether or not I'm the John Coker you know, these pictures may help.

baby high school
Apparently this is me as a baby. I can't attest to that personally, but since babies all look pretty much alike, it's probably good enough. This is me in high school. What can I say; it's rarely anyone's best period. If you went to Pittsburg High School around 1980, you may have seen me.
Cappadochia, Turkey rocket launch
This is me in 2000 touristing in Turkey (the Cappadochia region in this photo). If you worked with me at GAIN Technology or Siebel Systems, you probably remember this John (before Renée). This is me in 2008 at a rocket launch, ready to launch a rocket to test a new design for the ARLISS program. If you know me through hobby rocketry, the background may be familiar.